Buying HAP Health Insurance

There are three ways you can buy one of our health plans – directly from HAP, through the Health Insurance Marketplace (Marketplace) or through an insurance agent.

Directly from HAP

You can shop and apply for a HAP health plan for yourself or your family on this website or by calling us at (888) 766-0699 (TTY:711). We’re here to help no matter how you enroll. Your health plan will always have the same high standards for coverage, quality and customer service that HAP is known for.

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Through the Marketplace

The Marketplace – sometimes called the Exchange – is a place where you can compare and select Qualified Health Plans (QHP). You can either shop online, by phone or with the assistance of specially trained helpers called Navigators.

In Michigan, the Marketplace is operated by the federal government.

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Through an agent

Licensed, specially trained health insurance agents can guide you through the task of choosing a health plan that meets your unique needs.

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