How to find a doctor

Why should you choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP)?
The plan you choose may not require you to select a personal care physician (PCP), but we believe it's a good idea to have a “go-to” doctor. This is your first-line partner for better health and the person who will get to know your entire medical history.

How can HAP help you choose a PCP and other health care professionals?
We understand that choosing a doctor is an important decision. We have an online tool that will help you search for a doctor and you can compare up to three doctors side-by-side. This comparison profiles each doctor with his/her education, certification, gender, location, language spoken and affiliated hospitals. You can also pull up a map to his/her office.

When you use the Find a Doctor tool, be sure to select the plan that you are thinking of purchasing in order to see the doctors that are present in your preferred network.

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Important Information for Medicaid and Healthy Michigan Plan Participants
If you’re covered by Medicaid or the Healthy Michigan Plan, it is important to understand there is a different set of doctors to choose from for your primary care. Click below for HAP Midwest Health Plan affiliated doctors who accept Medicaid and Healthy Michigan Plan.

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