Need small business health coverage? HAP can help.

What makes HAP right for your business?

HAP offers Qualified Health Plans to small businesses with 50 or less eligible employees.

Whether you get your health plan through an insurance agent, a private exchange such as iSelect (You are leaving choosehap.org), Michigan's Insurance Marketplace, or directly from HAP, you will be getting a quality health plan with programs, benefits and services that other plans just don’t offer.

Where to Purchase HAP Plans

A variety of health plans to meet your needs

HAP’s portfolio of health plans include:

  • HMO: Coordinated care through a primary care physician and a seamless referral process for specialists
  • EPO: Flexibility to seek services without a referral
  • PPO: Flexibility to seek services without a referral and optional out of network coverage
  • Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHPs): A tax-advantaged funding structure paired with a health plan that encourages members to use their health care benefits judiciously while giving them the freedom to decide where their allocated dollars go

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HAP helps manage your business’ bottom-line

HAP offers several funding options for small groups that are customized to the number of employees, your business’ risk tolerance and network coverage preferences.

Small Business Funding Options

Health plan recommendations

Not sure what plans would be best for your business? Let HAP be your trusted business advisor. Use the Plan Advisor to determine the plans that meet the needs of your business and your employees.

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HAP’s plan designs offer big benefits to your small business. Connect with your insurance agent or a HAP Account Executive to get an afforable proposal that works best for your business.

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