HAP benefits your individual clients

HAP coverage area

Individual plans and personalized service that meet their needs

Your clients have a wide range of coverage options:

  • HMO Plans provide clients lower premium with coordinated care and paperless referrals
  • PPO/EPO Plans let clients choose their medical care providers
  • PPO-HSA Plans help offset medical expenses with pre-tax dollars
Your clients will also be assigned a Personal Service Coordinator who will guide them through the first two years of their HAP membership, and be their go-to person for answers.

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Keeping your clients healthy

HAP is affiliated with the leading doctors and hospitals throughout Michigan but the care extends beyond medical services. HAP offers benefits and programs to keep your clients healthy with:

  • A Personal Service Coordinator to help guide your clients through the first 2 years of membership

  • Leading doctors and hospitals to provide the best care for your clients

  • Identity theft protection and travel assistance from Assist America

  • Discounts on health & wellness related activities as well as museums, attractions, lodging, shopping and more

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