Formulary - What Drugs Are Covered?

For information on specific medications, you can view HAP’s formulary. A formulary is simply the list of drugs covered by any of our plans that include a prescription drug benefit.

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Selecting the right Medicare plan is an important decision. Through guided questions, HAP’s Plan Selector Tool can help you make the right choice.

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HAP makes every effort to ensure you receive safe, appropriate care. We have Quality Assurance and Management, Medication Therapy Management and Utilization Management programs in place to help identify potential problems and resolve them before they become an issue.

HAP Pharmacy Network

HAP plan members can get both brand-name and generic prescription drugs at any pharmacy in HAP’s network of more than 2,000 pharmacies.

Get help paying for prescriptions

If you have limited income and resources, you may qualify for Extra Help with the costs for your prescription drug coverage through the Medicare Part D Subsidy. If you qualify and enroll in a HAP Medicare Advantage plan with prescription drug coverage, both your copays and premiums may be less.

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At all other times, you may access our Interactive Voice Recording system at the same number and leave your name and phone number. A HAP Medicare Sales Representative will return your phone call the next business day.

To be covered by the plan, you must have your prescriptions filled at either plan retail pharmacies or our mail-order pharmacies. In some cases, prescriptions filled at a non-plan pharmacy may also be covered.

For certain prescription drugs, we have additional requirements for coverage or limits on our coverage. These requirements and limits are described in the Evidence of Coverage for each plan.

The formulary may change at any time. You will receive notice when necessary.
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