Medicare Contract Information

Both Health Alliance Plan of Michigan and Alliance Health and Life Insurance Co. have a contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the government agency that runs Medicare.

  • HAP Senior Plus (HMO), HAP Senior Plus (HMO-POS) and HAP Senior Plus (PPO) are health plans with a Medicare contract.
These contracts can be renewed each year, if both parties agree.

If the contract is terminated or we leave the Medicare program for some other reason, or if we change our service area so that it no longer includes the area where you live, we will tell you in writing. If this happens, your membership in HAP Senior Plus (HMO), HAP Senior Plus (HMO-POS) or HAP Senior Plus (PPO) will end, and you will have to find another way of getting your Medicare benefits. Your choices will always include Original Medicare.

HAP Senior Plus (PPO) is a product of Alliance Health and Life Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Health Alliance Plan.

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