Medicare Plans from HAP

You have many choices when it comes to Medicare. Each plan type offers benefits that are attractive to different people. It’s a good idea to evaluate all your options.
Learn more about our plans below or use HAP’s Plan Selector Tool
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HAP offers plans to fit every budget and lifestyle.

Medicare Advantage Plans

These are also called Part C plans. They may offer benefits beyond Original Medicare and often include Part D prescription drug benefits.

HAP Senior Plus (HMO)
Rich benefits with a lower monthly premium.

HAP Senior Plus (HMO-POS)
More coverage for when you travel, with low out-of-pocket costs.

HAP Senior Plus (PPO)
Greater choice of doctors to deliver the care you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

Additional options to help cover the costs of Medicare.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Designed to help fill the gaps in Original Medicare, these plans also provide nationwide coverage.

Alliance Medicare Supplement
Receive care anywhere in the U.S. that accepts Medicare.

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What type of plan should you choose?

Medicare Advantage
HMO Plans
Medicare Advantage
Tiered Access
HMO Plans
Medicare Advantage
Medicare Advantage
PPO Plans
Medicare Supplement
Premium Costs $ $ $$ $$$ $$$$
Choice of Doctors 3 Doctors 4 Doctors 4 Doctors 5 Doctors 5 Doctors
Out-of-Pocket Costs* $$ $ - $$ $$ $$$ $
Premium: $ = lower $$$$ = higher
Out-of-Pocket Costs: $ = lower $$$$ = higher
Choice fo Doctor: 1 Doctor = less choice 5 Doctors = more choice

Download (You are leaving a Medicare-approved site) the HAP Medicare Plan Type table (PDF)**.

*Potential out-of-pocket costs will vary according to plan usage.
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Not sure what plan is right for you?

Selecting the right Medicare plan is an important decision. Through guided questions, HAP’s Plan Selector Tool can help you make the right choice.

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