Special Enrollment Period. Because life changes.

If you have a major change in your life – for example, you have a baby, you get married or you lose your health coverage due to divorce, job loss or another reason – you may be able to change your health plan or apply for a new one through what’s known as a “special enrollment period” or SEP. These life changes are also known as “qualifying life events.” Keep in mind, you can only get an SEP with certain life events and you must provide written proof of the event when you apply for a new health plan or make changes to your existing plan within 60 days of the life event.

Qualifying Life Event Proof Required
Marriage Copy of your marriage certificate
Birth of a child Copy of your child’s birth certificate or hospital documentation
Adoption/Placement for adoption of a child Copy of the certificate of adoption or placement papers
Divorce/Legal Separation/Death Copy of divorce decree, legal separation papers or death certificate
Non-Calendar Year Policy Renewal Copy of renewal letter
Permanently moving to a new area that offers new QHP options Proof of prior coverage within 60 days, prior address and new/current address
Loss of other coverage*
Job Loss Proof of loss of coverage
Divorce Copy of divorce decree and proof of loss of coverage
Death Copy of death certificate and proof of loss of coverage
Aging off a parent’s plan Proof of date of birth or copy of driver’s license or passport and proof of loss of coverage
Losing eligibility for Medicaid or CHIP Copy of letter from Medicaid or CHIP
COBRA coverage ending Proof of loss of coverage
Other (considered on a case-by-case basis) Give full details and date of event when applying (additional proof may be required)

*Voluntarily cancelling other health coverage and being terminated for not paying premiums are not considered loss of coverage. Neither is losing a plan that does not carry minimum essential coverage. Losing your coverage as the result of a divorce is a qualifying life event.
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