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Choose HAP. Get more than health coverage. Get Free Identity Theft Protection

Your HAP membership covers more than your health and well-being. You also get Identify Theft Protection through our partners at Assist America. HAP is the only Michigan health plan to offer this valuable service. Here is a list of a few Identity Theft Protection services that are free and available 24/7 when you choose HAP:

  • Credit card registration with lost and stolen assistance
  • Credit/debit card Internet surveillance when you register your cards
  • Help with restoring your personal data if it is used illegally
    • Notice to companies that maintain your accounts -- including helping to cancel and reissue credit cards
    • Contact your local bank if checks have been stolen or forged
    • Alert the Social Security Administration about false use of your Social Security number
When you choose HAP, one phone call gets you the help you need.

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Worldwide emergency and urgent care coverage

No matter where you go - nationwide or across the globe - your HAP medical coverage will be there with you. Don't worry about getting sick or hurt when you are away from home, because you're covered for emergencies or urgent care when you travel.

Worldwide travel assistance

We have a partnership with Assist America®, who can help coordinate care or assistance if you are traveling and an emergency arises. Assist America® will completely arrange and pay for all the assistance services it provides, including but not limited to:

  • Hospital admission guarantee
  • Emergency trauma counseling
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Lost prescription help
  • Luggage or document assistance
  • Interpreter and legal referral services

With a mobile app and a call center that's fully staffed 24/7, Assist America® will always be there.

Students Away at School Program for HMO and EPO members

Students with PPO coverage have access to covered services across the country. With prior authorization, students with HMO or EPO plans have expanded coverage. This coverage includes services that aren’t normally covered out of their HMO or EPO network, such as:

  • Required maintenance visits for chronic conditions
  • Allergy injections
  • Prescription coverage (as allowed under the member’s medication rider)
  • Acute illness or injury:
    • Follow-up office visit
    • Outpatient imaging and laboratory tests
    • Physical therapy for rehabilitation
    • Durable medical equipment (with DME and Prosthetics & Orthotics rider)
  • Routine immunizations
The following services aren’t covered under the Students Away at School Program for HMO or EPO members:
  • Routine physical exams
  • Routine gynecology exams
  • Outpatient, nonemergency mental health and substance abuse care
  • Elective surgery or hospital stays
  • OB-GYN services for pregnancy
  • Doctor visits and physical therapy, outpatient therapy or other therapies, or treatments that don’t have prior authorization
Note: Students must be between 5 and 26 years of age and in school full time. The Students Away at School Program doesn’t cover dependent children who live with a custodial parent outside of our service area.

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